Journal Clients

Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill designed La Muralla Roja in 1968. Going there for an assignment was like a dream come true. All these colored walls, and how the sunlight plays within… a truly unique place.

Photographing in a wind tunnel was always something I wanted to do. Commissioned by Swiss Side, the number 1 in aerodynamics in cycling together with the athlete Patrick Lange from Germany, it was meant to be a great day!

Mountain running

I am working since 2013 with Swiss running shoe company On to create simple yet timeless visual imagery. From the beginning, the creative department gave me freedom and let me do my thing. I try to emphasize the runner’s body in motion combined with minimal and sleek landscapes, trails and mountains from all over the world.

On asked us to come up with a concept for an upcoming shoe model called „moonlight“, that reflects in the dark. We decided to work with these smoothed out and moonlike rocks we found in the middle of Switzerland. Long time ago there used to be a glacier and when the sun sets, you really feel like being on the moon.

„Niseko Nighta“ is a mixed media, long term project about snow & silence in the not so calm town of Niseko on Hokkaido, the northern Island of Japan. Working with available lights & strains, I am trying to visualise and record the sound of silence during my night wanders. In progress.

For ten years I travelled the globe, chasing the snow to document the international freestyle snowboarding scene under the alias „Creager“. My unique, timeless approach to snowboarding photography received worldwide recognition. Capturing athletes in the right moment is still something I strive for today.

When I was commissioned by Zurich based yoga label LOLA | FRED to create three campaign images, I came up with the concept to show a bold visual language with an urban and minimalistic touch. Three Yoga masters take pose on sleek architecture all over Switzerland.

Raphi Rocha and I met 25 years ago while standing sideways on a snowboard. He got better and better at riding and when I started to pick up photography, he quickly became one of my favorite riders to work with. You can find a few of our images under the section „SNOWBOARDING“.

Nowadays Raphi is a one of a kind carpenter, a true Jack of all woods, father of twins and still very passionate about everything he does. Working mostly with Swiss solid wood, a unique „Rocha Woodwork – piece“ is meant to last a few generations.

Fabian is a professional javelin thrower who I was lucky to photograph in Winterthur, Switzerland in 2012. To fragment his movement through photography, gives a better understanding of this uniquely aesthetic sport.

Ben Portier is a surfer and photographer at heart. After meeting Ben on assignment in Biarritz, France, I followed him for a day to capture what he loves above all – surfing!

Quiet and calm portraits of friends and people I cross paths with, mixed with architecture, landscapes and objects I have collected over the past few years while following my intuition. On going.

My first solo exhibition STILLE, a retrospective over the last 10+ years, was curated by Katharina Lang. STILLE was on display in fall 2017 at the Galerie Gartenflügel in Ziegelbrücke (Switzerland) and contained 47 photographs and a 18min film called “Klausen“.

Click next / swipe left for explanations and installation views.


Der Begriff der Stille beschreibt einen Zustand, der dadurch geprägt ist, dass kein lautes Geräusch (mehr) zu hören ist. Stille beschreibt also die empfundene akustische Beschaffenheit einer Umgebung, in der man sich befindet. Jeder Mensch nimmt Geräusche anders wahr und verfügt über einen individuell ausgeprägten Hörsinn, der weder beeinflussbar noch abschaltbar ist. Stille beginnt und endet folglich an unterschiedlichen Punkten. Stille ist physisch nicht wahrnehmbar, vielmehr ist sie ein subjektiv empfundenes Gefühl – und das zentrale Element in den Werken von Thomas Stöckli.

Stille als Bild

Thomas Stöckli arbeitet intuitiv. Losgelöst von einem dokumentarischen oder technischen Anspruch lässt er sich von seinem Gefühl und seinen Augen leiten. Es sind seine persönliche Wahrnehmung und sein persönliches Empfinden von Ästhetik, die zum Bild werden. Dabei ist das Resultat weder vorhersehbar noch geplant. Oftmals sind es ganz banale Umgebungen, unauffällige, kleine Details, unentdeckte Ausschnitte, an denen sein Auge zu verweilen beginnt. Es kommt zu einer Entschleunigung, die sich auch in seinen Werken abzeichnet.

Ein Prozess, der bei ihm mehr umfasst als das Ablichten der Umgebung. Wer sich auf seine Intuition verlässt, verlässt sich auf sein Gefühl und somit auf sich selbst. Dies setzt Vertrauen und Zeit voraus. Aus diesem Grunde ist Thomas Stöckli Ende 2016 aus der Stadt in die Berge gezogen. Mehr Raum, mehr Platz, mehr Zeit. Das, was er seit mehreren Jahren in seinen Werken festzuhalten versucht, beginnt nun auch seinen Alltag zu begleiten – Stille, Reduktion, Einfachheit.

Thomas Stöckli hat eine Bildsprache entwickelt, die sich auszeichnet durch Subtilität, Aufmerksamkeit und Respekt. Seine intuitive Arbeitsweise lässt ihn immer wieder Unerwartetes entdecken. Präzise und gekonnt transformiert er diese Entdeckungen in eine visuelle Form und ermöglicht uns wiederum einen Einblick in seine individuelle Welt und zeigt uns seine Stille als Bild.

von Katharina Lang, Kuratorin

Road running

I am working since 2013 with Swiss running shoe company On to create simple yet timeless visual imagery. From the beginning, the creative department gave me freedom and let me do my thing. I try to emphasize the runner’s body in motion combined with minimal architecture and sleek landscapes from all over the world.

I have been working closely with Red Bull for a few years now: From sports to landscapes to portraits. Here is a selection of projects I did in the past 6 years.

In March 2019 we travelled from Switzerland to the American Southwest to photograph the On Journal, a catalogue that got distributed all over North America. Our journey started in the Swiss Alps, before heading to California. We drove all the way through Death Valley towards Las Vegas, down to Palm Springs and back to L. A. During these 10 days we photographed On athletes and models on selected locations along the way.

Concept, production, casting, locations, photography, retouching and layout design was accomplished in 4 weeks in collaboration with Anne Lutz.

KORUA is an unconventional snowboard brand that creates unique shapes to experience snow surfing. Because design is core to KORUA, we focus each season on capturing unique details and geometrical shapes. The aim is arousing curiosity about the brand and putting an accent on the unconventional way of doing things.

When On comes out with the Cloud Monochrome Edition it’s all about colors and you take on the challenge to run the full spectrum of light! Playing with color gels by covering most of the picture in camera with similar tones to the shoes, was combined with aerial movements and jumps to give the images a lightness and some depth. 


VIA HELVETICA is an art project by Anne Lutz & myself. With the help of our intuition we’re photographing quiet landscapes and rare objects and hope for many special encounters with people from our country. The aim is to present a different Switzerland through a book and an exhibition at the end of our adventure.

I photographed these individuals who seemingly came from outer space in Verbier back in 2013. With a speed up to 250 km/h, a Speed Skier rushes down the mountain like there is no tomorrow. I am fascinated by their moves, the fragility of their performance apparel and the surreal setting up 3000m above sea level.

In 2015, I was commissioned by Audi to capture my view of the so called Grand Tour of Switzerland. I spent 4 days driving a TT Coupé and documenting the road between Zurich, Schaffhausen and St. Gallen. Audi then published an art book together with Swiss Tourism to illustrate this special route.

Did you know that most of my photography is available as fine art prints?

Be it in a solid wooden frame or mounted as a Diasec: I always work very closely with my printing studio and frame shop in Zurich. This way I make sure that the image turns out prime and unique on your wall. You can find sizes & editions in the subline of each gallery. Send me a message if you are interested in a limited custom print or if you are looking for a specific size or image.

Born in 1978 in the countryside of Switzerland, snowboarding soon became the center of my life. On my 23rd birthday I injured my knee, which put an end to my professional snowboarding career before it even really started. I took this as an opportunity to learn everything about photography. During the next 10 years I travelled the globe, chasing the snow to document the international freestyle snowboarding scene under the alias “Creager“. I received worldwide recognition with a unique and timeless approach in snowboarding photography. In 2014 I got awarded with „Advertising Photographer of the year“ in Switzerland. Today, capturing athletes in motion is still something I strive for. Besides, I identify myself with meditative landscapes, calm portraits and still lifes. I dedicate my time to personal projects as well as commercial jobs – with a special emphasis on simplicity, mysticism and quietness.

ADAC / Altius / Ambit / Archithema / Artimelt / AT-Verlag / Audi / Bahnmuseum Albula / Baudirektion Kanton Zürich / Beobachter Natur / Bilanz / Bhend Klammer Architekten / Bühler&Bühler / Byland Law / Christen Visuelle Gestaltung / Das Gelbe Haus Flims / Dizmo / Fairtiq / Friday-Magazine / GDI / Gesundheitsdirektion Kanton Zürich / Giro / Grand Studio / Huck Magazine / Intersport / J. Lindeberg / JOM Architekten / Jungkunst / Kinki Mag / Kjus / KORUA / Künzli / Len Sander / LolaFred / Messerli Group / Migros-Magazin / MS-Schweiz / Nerves / Niedermann Walti Architekten / NZZ am Sonntag / NZZ Stil / On / Red Bull / Riders Hotel / Rod / Scott / Sinalco / SI-Sport / Sony / Sonntagszeitung / SPORT Magazin / Sportsnet Magazine / SPOT Magazin / Stiftung zur Weid / Studio Achermann / Style Magazin / Swiss Side / Synapsis / The Red Bulletin / The Tiny Factory / Transhelvetica / Triathlon / Ujet / Umbauen+Renovieren / Waeber – Dickenmann Architekten / WWF-Magazin

Thank you!

We’ve just been to Chamonix couple of days, to work with french trail runners Germain Grangier, Katie Schide, Marion Delespierre Mauppin and Antoine Charvolin. Very good athletes on exquisite locations served with lots of great vibes!

Merci mille fois,



Trailrunners in Chamonix | 07-07-2020

Due to these calm weeks we all recently have witnessed, I went back in my archives to finally update my website. The last 2+ years have been very busy but also productive, funny and never not boring.

I hope you like it.


Website update, finally! | 04-05-2020

Finally I found some time to work on my website. 2018 / 2019 has been pretty productive, so I can not wait to show you what all went down.

In the meantime: Here’s a Diptych I really like. There’s a decade in between these two photographs but they seem like going together pretty well.




Diptych | 22-04-2020

It’s been now 2 weeks in quarantine so far for me. This made me re-think a lot. But since I really miss photography, I started to photograph still life imagery at home with what I have there. No location scouting, no weather options, no travel days, no make up, no stylist, no assistant(s), no dead line… Just daylight and a simple set up. How comes no one ever told me that doing the laundry can be fun too? ;)


United Colors | 30-03-2020

Been busy the last few months like a bee. Collecting locations and images, like this moon like place here in Italy.

I am always amazed by nature!

Looking forward to winter, more quiet days ahead, filled with snowboarding and sitting in front of the fire place.


To the moon and back | 05-11-2019

Anne & I just spent a 10 days assignment road tripping from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, down to Palm Springs and back to LA, as well as everything in between.

It surely brought us to some unique locations, but Death Valley stood out the most to me.


California & Nevada | 25-03-2019

February kept us quite busy, like we recently spent some time in the south of Spain, photographing for On.

Here’s a little snippet from our dream location. Thank you Anne Lutz for the photo!

Hope to show the actual imagery soon :)


On assignment in Spain | 26-02-2019

Recently I spent a few days in Copenhagen, where we produced a series of images for On.

More about this hopefully soon.



On assignment in Copenhagen | 08-11-2018

The past 6 months kept me busy, photographing mostly outdoors with daylight in the alps, in the south of France and in and around cities. I also enjoyed working in the studio for a change, for clients such as Kjus, Scott or Ujet.

This one is from a recent night shoot for On Running.


the past 6 months | 06-09-2018

Beginning of December I have spent a few days on Teneriffa, the canary island, photographing athletes for On.

Looks like we have left some traces there…


On Teneriffa for On | 05-01-2018

Thank you for everyone that came to see my first solo exhibition! It was a great experience.


STILLE - first solo exhibition | 13-11-2017

Happy to announce that I’ll be taking part in a group exhibition in Paris, amongst some very inspiring artists. Vernissage is tuesday the 7th from 7.30pm @Volume Library, 47 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75002 Paris

I’ll be showing one of my works from „Niseko Nighta“ ;) Curated by the one and only Jad Hussein, photo courtesy of Bertrand Trichet!

See you there!



Géants, le spectacle de la montagne | 07-11-2017

Hereby I would like to invite you to my very first solo exhibition, yay!

Opening reception October 21st from 5pm on

Exhibition October 21st – November 12th

Opening hours Saturdays / Sundays 4pm – 6.30pm
At Gallery Gartenflügel, Ziegelbrücke / Gartenfluegel.ch


STILLE - first solo exhibition | 01-10-2017

My photograph of a hidden running track will be auctioned for the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation and the Athlete Refugee Team (ART) competing at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London.

Several artworks will be displayed August 8th – 11th in the temporary ‚On Embassy‘ A.R.T. Exhibition at the Eight Club in Moorgate.

If you happen to be in London, go check it out!


| 09-08-2017

Anne and I spent early week in beautiful Ticino, photographing two sunny days for Swiss running company On. We photographed urban and nature, climbed up hills, swam in rivers and lakes, ate Pizza and Risotto, had tons of laughs and spent time on roofs like on this one here.

Hard to beat ;)



On assignment for On | 25-06-2017

Another day well spent high up in the mountains, this time for Intersport Switzerland newest campaign.

I am so lucky ;)



Campaign for Intersport Switzerland | 07-06-2017

If you happen to be around Lausanne next week: Group exhibition @ Espace Abstract, Vernissage 9th of June 6pm, Exhibition runs through until 1st of July.

Come by and eat a Wienerli with us!


I was a galactic Wienerli | 29-05-2017

Swiss Side, the number 1 in aerodynamics in cycling, commissioned me to photograph triathlete Patrick Lange. So spending a day in a wind tunnel just got off my bucket list ;)


Patrick Lange for Swiss Side | 18-05-2017

It was about time for a new website. And hey, finally my first logo ever. For that reason I would like to invite you to dive into my world and discover simplicity, mysticism and quietness.

Design & Logo : Anne Lutz

Coding: Roger Burkhard

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


New Website & Logo | 19-04-2017

Anne and I have spent a few days in Saas Fee for INTERSPORT, shooting their key visual for 2018.

Clients mostly asking for perfect weather for a shoot and the day after, when you don’t have to work, it’s often crappy. But this time it was the other way around ;) Our intuition was right and we received a lot of new snow during the shooting day, so it was perfect. The day after it was bluebird and we just enjoyed the scenery, like this part of the glacier here.


In Saas Fee for INTERSPORT | 02-04-2017

In February Anne & I got commissioned by On to photograph their newest addition: The Cloud Monochrome! We photographed this series in the studio using gels in front of our lens.

You can now look at the full series under „Monochrome“.


On Cloud Monochrome | 29-03-2017

Exactly one month ago I photographed this gondola here during a cold evening in Laax for Red Bull Switzerland. We filled the thing with haze, lights and some gels. It is to promote upcoming concerts in ski gondola’s. That was fun!


Red Bull Gondeli | 14-03-2017

I am honored that one of my photos is part of the Swiss Hasselblad Masters – Exhibition at Maag Halle in Zurich these days. Photographed this image while on assignment for Audi in 2015.

You can see the full series under „Audi“.


Swiss Hasselblad Masters - Exhibition | 07-01-2017

Once again I photographed some images for On. These days are always pure pleasure, working with highly motivated Athletes on superb locations and hunting day light all day long. I like this!

I added them under „On“.


Imagery for On | 02-01-2017