Photographing in a wind tunnel was always something I wanted to do. Commissioned by Swiss Side, the number 1 in aerodynamics in cycling together with the athlete Patrick Lange from Germany, it was meant to be a great day!

Since 2013, I am working with Swiss running shoe company On to create a simple yet timeless visual imagery. From the beginning, the creative department gave me freedom and let me do my thing. I try to emphasize the runner’s body in motion combined with minimal architecture and sleek landscapes from Switzerland.

When I was commissioned by Zurich based yoga label LOLA | FRED to create three campaign images, I came up with the concept to show a bold visual language with an urban and minimalistic touch. Three Yoga masters take pose on sleek architecture all over Switzerland.

I have been working closely with Red Bull for a few years now: From sports to landscapes to portraits. Here is a selection of projects I did in the past 4 years.

In 2015, I was commissioned by Audi to capture my view of the so called Grand Tour of Switzerland. I spent 4 days documenting on the road between Zurich, Schaffhausen and St. Gallen. Audi then published an art book together with Swiss Tourism to illustrate this special route.

„Niseko Nighta“ is a mixed media, long term project about snow & silence in the not so calm town of Niseko on Hokkaido, the northern Island of Japan. Working with available lights & strains, I am trying to visualise and record the sound of silence during my night wanders. In progress.

KORUA is an unconventional snowboard brand that creates unique shapes to experience snow surfing. Because design is core to KORUA, we focused on capturing unique details and geometrical shapes. The outcome is arousing curiosity about the brand and putting an accent on the unconventional way of doing things.

For ten years I travelled the globe, chasing the snow to document the international freestyle snowboarding scene under the alias „Creager“. My unique, timeless approach to snowboarding photography received worldwide recognition. Capturing athletes in the right moment is still something I strive for today.

Paragliding phenomenon Chrigel Maurer told me about his personal challenge of flying „infinity tumblings“. Just like that, I found myself on a pitch black night high above Interlaken, Switzerland, waiting for Chrigel flying by to capture these incredible moves.

When On comes out with the Cloud Monochrome Edition it’s all about colors and you take on the challenge to run the full spectrum of light! Playing with colors by covering most of the picture with similar tones to the shoes was combined with aerial movements and jumps to give the images a lightness and some depth. 


Ben Portier is a surfer and photographer at heart. After meeting Ben on assignment in Biarritz, France, I followed him for a day to capture what he loves above all – surfing!

Following my intuition allowed me to find these quiet photographs, mostly landscapes. On going.

Quiet and calm portraits of friends and people I cross paths with, mixed with landscapes and objects I have collected over the past few years.

Switzerland is well known for its great architecture. Luckily, I’m being commissioned by several architects like JOM or NW-A to document their work across the country.

Synapsis is a Swiss foundation whose mission is to explain mental illness through art. For their first exhibition on bipolar disorder, we created a still life image that represents the fragility, the uncertainty and the ever-changing mood of people affected by this dreadful condition.

Fabian is a professional javelin thrower who I was lucky to photograph in Winterthur, Switzerland in 2012. To fragment his movement through photography, gives a better understanding of this uniquely aesthetic sport.

VIA HELVETICA is an art project by Anne Lutz & myself. With the help of our intuition we’re photographing quiet landscapes and rare objects and hope for many special encounters with people from our country. The aim is to present a different Switzerland through a book and an exhibition at the end of our adventure.

I photographed these individuals who seemingly came from outer space in Verbier back in 2013. With speeds up to 250 km/h, these speedskiers rush down the mountain like there is no tomorrow. I am fascinated by their moves, the fragility of their performance apparel and the surreal setting up 3000m above sea level.

Born in 1978 in the countryside of Switzerland, snowboarding soon became the center of my life. On my 23rd birthday I seriously injured my knee, which put an end to my professional snowboarding career before it even really started. I took this as an opportunitiy to learn everything about photography. During the next 10 years I travelled the globe, chasing the snow to document the international freestyle snowboarding scene under the alias “Creager“. I received worldwide recognition with a unique and timeless approach in snowboarding photography. In 2014 I got awarded with „Advertising Photographer of the year“ in Switzerland.

Today, capturing athletes in motion is still something I strive for. Besides, I identify myself with meditative landscapes, calm portraits and still lifes. I dedicate my time to personal projects as well as commercial jobs – with a special emphasis on simplicity, mysticism and quietness.

It’s been now almost 2 weeks in Covid-19-quarantine so far for me. This made me re-think a lot of course. But since I really miss photography, I started to photograph still life imagery at home with what I have there. No location scouting, no weather options, no travel days, no make up, no stylist, no assistant(s), no dead line… Just daylight and a simple set up.

How comes no one ever told me that doing the laundry can be fun too? ;)

So here’s the first out of a series, maybe..


United Colors | 30-03-2020